Nautal Stone Mala Bracelets 4 Stone Options

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Mala bracelets are used in meditation by counting the beads in time with our breath or mantras. We offer four natural stones malas here that are accented by lucky elephant charms. 

Soulful Sodalite

Sodalite evokes the sky where white clouds drift on the breeze. We craft this bracelet with sleek gemstone spheres. Sodalite is known as a stone of truth.  It symbolizes the intuition we all carry and inspires the wearer to aim for the  true and successful path in life. 


Forest Spirit Malachite

With its magical forest colors, our Malachite beaded mala bracelet is memorizing to hold and wear. Malachite is a stone known as the 'stone of transformation' and is used for deep energy cleaning, bringing rejuvenation and positive transformation to the wearer. 


Eye of the Tiger Eye

In Eastern lore, the tiger's eye stone was linked to the tiger, and thus believed to represent courage.We use the intriguing golden-brown natural stone to craft this bracelet The strand of tiger's eye gemstones is accented by lucky silver color elephant charms.



Harmonious Howlite

Featuring a unique, naturally cracked appearance, natural howlite stones entrance in this beautiful beaded bracelet. Howlite  symbolizes calm and a peaceful state of mind, with its pure and simple look I can see why! 

Length: 19cm

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