Hand-Woven Natural Bead Chakra Bracelet

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 The modern life finds many ways of unbalancing our chakras, this bracelet is a beautiful reminder of the essential energy within us all!

Made with hand woven rope this bracelet is adjustable, making it a no worry gift for a loved one! Available in 3 different sized stone beads to suit your style!

 What are the Seven Chakras?

  • Crown: Located at the top of your head, the crown represents your connection to the universal, divine spiritual world.

  • Third-Eye: This chakra point is found in the middle of your forehead. It guides your intuition by perceiving subtle non visible energy around you. When aligned correctly the Third Eye Chkara channels the bigger picture of the world around you and guides your imagination and creativity with powerful focus.

  • Throat: Found at the base of your throat, this charka centers around communication and self expression. When aligned correctly it allows harmonious genuine relationships to bloom. It plays a role in bringing your ideas and goals into sight and helps communicate a path to actualize them.

  • Heart: Located just above your heart, this chakra gathers and uses energy for all things loving. It amplifies our ability to love and to receive love. It opens our capacity to see beauty in all things around us. The breath can align our heart chakras - work with it, observe and play with your breath to feel a sense of openness and love.

  • Solar: Found close to your spine below the heart, the Solar Chakra balances energies around self-image, will power and action. Your ability to be confident and in control of your actions and direction in life depends on the health of this vital chakra energy.

  • Sacral: Found in the lower abdomen, a great way to exercise this chakra is the cobra yoga pose. This chakra awakens our sensual being. It allows us to find meaningful intimacy and pairs our emotional and physical well being.

  • Root: Found at the root of the spine, this chakra is essential to our sense of security and acceptance. An impaired root chakra results in difficulty to trust others or to open up to loved ones. It is so essential that it can effect our basic needs like appetite, sleep and anxiety. It is the foundation to our well being.


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