Crystal Sword Pendant Necklaces

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Wearing crystals and natural stones makes you more aware of their energy and vibrations and can help to realize your intentions faster.

We have 12 powerful healers to choose from. Check out what each of them symbolizes:

Rose Quartz - Compassion, Gentleness and Peace.

Amethyst -  Promotes a clear focused mindset. 

Green Aventurine -  Comfort, confidence and optimism.

Labradorite -  Clarifies intentions by promoting self-awareness.

Agate - Provides stability to ground the spirit.

Lapis Lazuli - Stimulates a desire for truth, knowledge and objectivity 

Sodalite - Creative stimulation, Intuition, Focus.

Flourite - Harmony, Order and Peace.

Malachite - Abundence, Manifistation, and Amplification.

Gold Sand - Vitality, Passion and Sensuality.

Tiger Eye - Confidence, Decisiveness, and Will Power.

Just some of the stones offered in these unique pendants

Pendant Size: 5.7cm
Length* 1.8cm Width

Chain Length: 50cm

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