3 Piece Aura Quartz Clusters

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Arura Quartz are highly vibrational crystals that give off an iridescent metallic luster. They are natural stones fused at the atomic level with metals at incredible temperatures. It's no wonder they carry so much power to cleanse the aura.

This set includes:

Angel Aura - Under the light, angel aura shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow. Calm understanding energies are radiated from this beautiful cluster.

Aqua Aura  - This is the first crystal developed with the new alchemy process of bonding metals to quartz. The intense energy in this crystal is said to stimulate the throat chakra, which encourages communication from the heart.  

Purple Aura  - This Aura Quartz should be handled and meditated with as often as possible during times of change. The energies here are ones of protection and create the space needed for transformation and healing. 

Three pieces per order
Weight is approximately 90 grams
Each stone is unique and has has a different shape and unique coloring



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